You would like to study Turkish & Ottoman language and Literature and/or you are totally commited to live in the sunny island of cyprus a city-state known Nicosia, Ledra or Ledrae in ancient times.

University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies Department

The focus of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies Department is to provide a basic introduction to the whole range of Turkish Studies. Special emphasis is placed on learning the Turkish language, (written and oral). With the language as a base, students continue to the different fields of Turkish Studies, history, politics, literature, and linguistics. The programme of studies encourages the study of the interaction between different branches of Turcology, and tries to reveal the importance of the field for the history of the mediterranean and middle east region.

Turkish Studies profile:
The Turkish language (the teaching of modern and Ottoman Turkish).
The aim is to develop the ability to read and write in Turkish. The course aims to familiarize students with the spectrum of Turkish Studies including historical, literary and religious topics and the historical development of the discipline
Islam (History, Philosophy, Law, Art).
Ottoman Studies (Sources, History, Institutions, Literature).
Archives of Ottoman sources about Cyprus. Historiographical survey and publications of Ottoman sources about Cyprus. Sources about the history of Cyprus (i.e. Ottoman, Greek and Western) in comparative perspective. The focus will be on the national and provincial newspapers, but the Ottoman and Turkish press in Cyprus will also be dealt with. The main aim of the course is to enable students to assess the distinctive character and orientation of the major newspaper
Modern Turkey (History, Economy, Society, Literary and Linguistic Studies).
The course is designed to provide an introduction into the Turkish Literature in Anatolia from the beginnings to present time.
Cyprus (from past Ottoman conquest to the present)
Greek-Turkish Relations (from the foundation of the Greek state onwards)

Contact address: Faculty of Humanities, Nicosia

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