You are looking for a Turkish or Persian Language Programme which emphasis on History and Cultural background and/or you are totally commited to live Student City of Tübingen.

Eberhard-Karls University of Tübingen

  • Department of History
  • Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
  • Ottoman and Turkish Studies

The Study Programme of History and cultures of the Middle East, focues the languages, history, religion and cultures of the peoples of the Middle East since late antiquity, in the case of Iran in the period since the beginning of the Iranian occupation of the country at the end of the 2nd Millennium BC to the subject. The department works mainly historical-philological, but are depending on the object of study, other methods are used. This mainly historical-philological orientation makes it necessary for a thorough language training in Arabic and other languages of the Middle East in the literature (especially the Persian and Turkish) to give a broad study area to provide for the scientific work with texts necessary conditions.

The content of the study of languages, history and cultures of the Middle East is divided into A) History and society, and b) religion and culture.

A) Students of languages, history and cultures of the Middle East should learn in their studies to identify subject-specific problems, self-interpreting texts and other source material to assess the scientific literature critically and acquire the ability to special languages, history and cultures of the Middle East to convey to the goods to a wider public. The first and second year to provide students with the substantive principles of the subject and the Arab and Persian or Turkish. The third year is the acquisition of advanced knowledge in both languages as well as history and culture of the Middle East.

B) If Studen choose languages, history and cultures of Middle East studies as a minor subject, the focus on either the Arabic or be placed on the non-Arab world (languages, history and cultures of the Middle East focus on Arab world, languages, history and cultures of the Middle East Minor: focus Persian world languages and cultures of the Middle East Minor: focus Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey).

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